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Enjoy these images of the land and projects. They will give you an idea of what is possible with inspired commitment and a catchtail attitude!

Year One
Year Two    
Year Three
Year Four
Year Five

Year One

Our story begins on January 30th, 2002...

The 3 acres were flat and empty... a lonely red 'house' and an old barn were the only reminders that someone once lived here.

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Full of abandoned belongings, no electricity, no water or heat we had two months to breathe new life into this smelly old building before move in. 

              Bedroom0.JPG (174905 bytes)   House1.jpg (256475 bytes)   kitchenOld.jpg (259567 bytes)    ceilingscrub.jpg (390747 bytes)

All in two months... with an amazing group of friends and family, we can do anything!!! 

  workpartyAna.jpg (345577 bytes)   SheetrockMud.jpg (310180 bytes)   StoveDone.jpg (378221 bytes)   FloortilesOff.jpg (179967 bytes)   Floorfix.jpg (214505 bytes)   Sanderman.jpg (171648 bytes)   ShinyFloors.jpg (181030 bytes)  Kitchen&Living.jpg (239044 bytes)   LivingRoomFurnishings.jpg (169694 bytes)  
Ahhhhh.... home sweet home.

Now the garden began to call. The land had been sitting idle for almost 20 years (according to long time neighbors) Old Man Cook had done nothing but mow every year with his trusty old tractor. So the soil was just full of worms and minerals... So to get started we got woodchips, straw bales, cardboard and a (new) tractor...

5757 mail1.JPG (92206 bytes)   BarnView.jpg (342265 bytes)   BaleFireCircle.jpg (372145 bytes)   water&power.jpg (316492 bytes)   Toto&Dju.jpg (71035 bytes)     

We built a garden path with cardboard, woodchips and logs (for mushrooms)

  PathPrep.jpg (207806 bytes)   Path.jpg (305970 bytes)   Path1.JPG (91570 bytes) 

A parking area....

Parking1.jpg (73562 bytes)   Parking2.jpg (71287 bytes)   Parking3.jpg (73495 bytes)  

A pond....

Pond2.JPG (90900 bytes)   Pond1.JPG (92366 bytes)   pondwork.jpg (300318 bytes)  
PondDate.jpg (262028 bytes)   Pond6.jpg (75726 bytes)   Pond7.jpg (78746 bytes)   Pond-in-progress.JPG (87994 bytes)

And then bamboo & an arbor....

bamboobarier.jpg (341139 bytes)   bambooplanting.jpg (316218 bytes)   beautifulBoo.jpg (396509 bytes)   Arbor1.JPG (90474 bytes)   Arbor4.JPG (86442 bytes)  Arbor6.JPG (94868 bytes)
  djuboo.jpg (295667 bytes)   Arbor8.JPG (92319 bytes)   Arbor92.JPG (88797 bytes)   Arbor951.JPG (86742 bytes)


Year two
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In February, 2003 we began a small food forest just south of our new parking zone, and just east of where we plan on building our future home.
First things first... underground irrigation (this is where tractors with trenchers come in really handy).

Trench1.JPG (91889 bytes)    Mulberry1-2.JPG (35840 bytes)   Mulchday8.JPG (92126 bytes)   Mulchday3.JPG (91723 bytes)   Chris&Kei1.JPG (58495 bytes)   Mulchday2.JPG (89947 bytes)   Mulchday6.JPG (91403 bytes)    KeiPluto.jpg (168665 bytes)    Redwoods1.JPG (64913 bytes)  

We are on a corner and although we love our neighbors, we also love a bit of privacy.  So in order to counter the "fish bowl" effect, we planted a timber bamboo wall which should fill in solid with in 18 months of planting... stay tuned for the results.

Back5757.JPG (93137 bytes)   Henon David.JPG (88481 bytes)   david&boo.jpg (388910 bytes)   bamboo.jpg (394426 bytes)

...Then 12 months go by...

...And then 24 months later...

    ... Where did the house go???

Now back to the house...

We put in new electrical through out the house, new copper plumbing, new front deck and insulated the attic.

        porch1.JPG (85600 bytes)   Landing1.jpg (74136 bytes)  

We also needed an office/art studio for Deborah...

  porch.jpg (192299 bytes)    Studio2.jpg (119913 bytes)    Studio1.jpg (156154 bytes)    studio3.jpg (254643 bytes)

Finally, it was time to reclaim 'Ed's room' (the former owner) and make it our own, 'Mediterranean style'...

Bedroom0.JPG (174905 bytes)   bedroomInsulate.jpg (252978 bytes)   bedroomSheetrock.jpg (243586 bytes)   bedroomBlue.jpg (227551 bytes)   bedroomDONE.jpg (221316 bytes)

And back again to the garden... 

In our second summer, only 18 months after purchasing our 'farm,' all of our home cooked meals consisted largely of food produced in Catchtail Gardens... and all that from 200 sq. ft' of garden beds and 2 laying hens. It was more than we could have hoped for...

Chickens & Kittens...

Chicken-door.JPG (95111 bytes)   Lena&Toto.JPG (93623 bytes)   Dob-Wink1.JPG (94283 bytes)   Dobby sink2.JPG (54737 bytes)   OT-1.jpg (41435 bytes)   

The winter of 2003/2004 was rapidly approaching and we wanted to catch the rain water moving across and past our land. With the tractor, we dug out some catchments which will slow the water flow, allowing for sediment to drop out and keeping it out of the salmon streams and which will infiltrate rain water for aquifer recharge...

EastSwale4.jpg (48558 bytes)    EastSwale1.jpg (65919 bytes)   EastSwale7.jpg (76831 bytes)   EastSwale2.jpg (87014 bytes)   swale03.JPG (87179 bytes)   swale04.JPG (89069 bytes)   swale0196.JPG (94310 bytes)    

Year Three
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We have created a beautiful mandala garden. Sixteen vegetable beds like sun rays from the center of one of our is beautiful and growing abundantly!

To see the step by step process of building the Mandala Garden



We have also added a puppy dog, Rosa, and bee hives to our farm family.



And a fence for our entry, built of recycled redwood and bamboo in the Japanese tradition...


Our' well house' that needed some love. We rebuilt it with (almost) entirely recycled wood...


Yes, we were part of history. In the last hot dusty days of August 2005 hundreds of people descended on the oldest blueberry farm in California to dig up the 54 year old bushes. All of the 500 bushes were rescued from the bulldozer and planted at their new homes in more than 300 gardens around the west coast.

We were able to get 10 of these to plant at Catchtail Gardens. We can only hope they survive the 90 - 100 degree F temps which have been scorching us every day since.


Finally we are installing our new septic system... 3 years in the making!! First step is the big hole for the septic & sump tanks... our next door neighbor Gary helped us with the backhoe in exchange for a home cooked meal (we love our neighborhood) stay tuned for the leach field and hook up...


After the septic tanks were in place we had the perfect spot to build our first GREENHOUSE (notice the tank lids in the first photo). We used UV resistant materials for the frame and skin so it would last for years...


The swales we build the first year worked so perfectly we wanted to expand on them... we dug the existing ones much deeper using the soil we had collected (from last years silt load) to feed the garden. Then we used the bulldozer (from digging in our septic tanks) to dig the last two GIANT swales in the south east corner of the property... This year we had more water birds than ever before!!!

The birds we saw using the swales for food, rest and shelter included... Mallard Ducks, Canadian Geese, Egrets, Green & Blue Herons, Red wing Blackbirds and a Kingfisher!



Year Four

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In early 2005 we connected with a local Jewish community group looking for a place to plant trees in honor of Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year for Trees. About 20 people came together at Catchtail Gardens to plant over 60 redwood seedlings along our south-east property line. It was a great day!



As 2005 moved forward the projects mounted... although I have no pictures of it I spent almost 4 months replacing the gasoline engine in my Toyota 4 x 4 truck with a diesel engine (from South Africa). We want to lower our use of gasoline so between our 45 mpg Honda Civic and our ‘BIODIESEL’ fueled work truck & tractor we are on our way.

In order to not only lower our gasoline use we wanted to increase our energy production by installing a 5200 watt (5.2 Kw) ‘SOLAR ELCTRIC’ system (photovoltaic)



So we’re not sure if you noticed but we left you hanging last year with the septic system installation. We installed the tanks and still had yet to build a leach field. The type of leach field we built is a 6 bedroom class 1 mound system. In other words a big pile of sand and gravel where the waste water is pumped.

We then had to remove our old redwood septic tank and hook the house up to the new system.



Year Five

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Well here we are in our fifth year...

We started the year in Berlin Germany with Deborah's family... what a party! We even had a white x-mas.


We went to a Bee keeping museum, then a few days in the Austrian Alps... to Poland for a bit... and here is Deb w/ her Sister.



more to come...

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