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I am a generalist, I am interested in a bit of every thing. I try to incorporate as many elements of this world into my work as possible. I am inspired by nature, buildings, water, plants, color and much much more. All of these things speak to me and evoke an array of emotions. I am always trying to bring these elements together in new ways to inspire others as well. I also love challenges.... some people call them 'Problems' as designer I love to create elegant solutions



Designing the built environment

My services include:

 I feel the built environment is a place that by design should facilitate healing and calmness at a conscious and unconscious level. Our emotional bodies are aware of every small detail which surrounds us in all aspects of our lives. It is in a constant state of judging how the environment around us feels, it knows whether we are SAFE and SECURE, or THREATENED and  VULNERABLE. even at the most subtle of levels these fluctuations have a profound effect on our state of mind and body. I want to design wellness into a space and begin healing our world at a core level.


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As a permaculture designer, I consult on the optimal methods for designing and integrating the following:

I have been studying and practicing Permaculture (PERMAnent CULTURE) for over 20 years. I was introduced to Bill Mollison's ideas soon after he published his first book 'Permaculture One' in 1978. It resonated with my core belief system about how  nature functions. The inextricable bond between every element in the natural world. The patterns found in nature to create no 'waste' and to use all things as building blocks for life, and the regeneration of life.  It has helped me clarify how I wish to approach the world.  

Permaculture  is a design process, in other words it can be applied to anything, and it is not limited to gardening and landscape, as many people believe. 

The following are some definitions I like....


Permaculture principles....


Introduction to Permaculture: Ecological and Economical Design

by Larry Santoyo

Imagine living in a place that is blended into the natural environment. Your home is not only naturally heated and cooled, but is elegant and affordable. Integrated into the surrounding landscape are natural water systems where food is being grown safe from harmful chemicals, and waste is managed for productivity. A place where the neighbors, young and old, routinely help one another. There is less traffic, less pollution and more open spaces. Leisure time becomes abundant and recreational opportunities are close at hand. Also imagine that as a result of its design, this place saves you money, and most importantly, it saves the Earth its precious resources.

Through the simple and practical strategies offered by Permaculture Design, a village lifestyle like this is not a dream. Permaculture (a contraction of the words "permanent and culture"), is a highly developed Art, Science and Philosophy. Permaculture design sciences are used by homeowners, architects, land use planners, landscape designers, farmers and community service organizations.

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If you own a home or are looking to invest in a house and/or land , a preliminary inspection can give you the information you need to make the right choices. For an assessment of an existing structure or the possibility of a future remodel or addition, an inspection can be a great first step at a minimum cost. 

Inspections include the following, and can be tailored to each client's needs.

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What I have to offer...


I love plants.... all plants.

I have a particularly keen interest in plants which have deep relationships with humans. These come in many forms, and have many qualities: plants which produce medicine, oils, dyes, poisons, hallucinogens, decoration, aromas, food, fiber for clothing or paper, and wood for building.      

Of all the plants there is one family which is very special to me... might be the most useful plant in the world... BAMBOO!!

Bamboo has very likely been used by humans longer than any other plant. It provides food from the shoots, wood to build with and leaves for thatched roofing. It is unmatched in its ability to regenerate itself growing up over 100 feet in as little as 90 days. It  is also the fastest growing thing on land- up to 4 feet in 24 hours. It can be used as drain pipe and gutters, and scaffolding dozens of stories high. I have even seen a racing bicycle frame made from bamboo and carbon fiber mesh. Although these are just a fraction of its uses there is an aspect which to me is unparalleled.... its beauty.

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The following are a few of the subjects I enjoy sharing

I love to teach. I love educating and informing people about all the things I am passionate about. This can take the form of a lecture to a group or one on one. 

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I would like to share an ever evolving list of things I have an interest in, hobbies, or just things I think are a darn good idea. I hope this might inspire a conversation of two.


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